Simon has begun re-watching episodes of “Oswald” on his iPad mini.  He loves using Amazon’s streaming videos because he can watch so many cartoons and shows that he likes, and he is in complete control of it.  He wanders around with it, watching them on the couch, on the floor, wherever he goes. 

For those who are not familiar with “Oswald,” Oswald is an octopus that has a pet dog (Weenie) and a number of friends, including a penguin (Henry) and a flower (Daisy).   [Fun Fact: Oswald is voiced by Fred Savage! Yes, that Fred Savage!]

Anyway, so Simon has gotten into the show again in a big way.  He used to watch it a lot, but then stopped.  Now he really loves it. Watches an episode a day, at least.

Well, in one of the episodes, Oswald’s dog get dirty and needs a bath.  And, being a dog, does not want to take a bath.  Oswald has to find him and force him to take a bath.

Nothing funny yet, right?

Now let’s remember echolalia. 

I was gone to Tampa for the residency period of my MFA.  My husband took Simon to the store.  Simon walked around, repeating only certain lines from the show.  Those lines?

“Weenie’s dirty.  Weenie needs to take a bath.”

Now imagine how you would react to an 11-year-old boy walking around saying that.  Repeatedly.  Apparently there were a number of very strange looks.

My husband tried to mitigate the strangeness by filling in the blanks, “Yes, Oswald’s dog, Weenie, is dirty, and he does need to take a bath.”

But still…