fireworksSimon started it on the way home from the library today.

The party/dance was a success!

Chili’s was a success!

But then, with those exciting events past him, Simon began looking ahead in the calendar.

He flipped up the pages until something caught his eye.

That something was the Fourth of July. Because fireworks.

We’ve only been going to the fireworks for a few years now, but it’s been a huge hit. We actually go to a local community college and kip out on the lawn with a huge group of other people, and we sit around on blankets and watch and listen to the fireworks. It’s one of the few times that Simon manages to stay awake beyond 8 p.m.

So at tonight’s Parent Support Meeting, I brought it up as an issue because one of the ideas to help kids deal with summer was to use a calendar.

Yeah. Use a calendar to make things better.

One of the other attendees pointed out, “What if it rains?”

Because, yeah, I also want to worry about fireworks being rained out.

Well, the presenter tonight (Nancy Kling from Behavior Plus) suggested trying to limit the discussion about what was coming up. Set a timer – he can only discuss it and bring it up every so often.

I’m not sure if it’ll work. But I’m willing to try. Especially if the other option is a month and a half of wanting to go to fireworks…