None of Image of a squirrel and a pigeon fighting over food.them.

That’s right.

Don’t pick your battles at all.

Just focus on the end of the war.

Last week was Thanksgiving vacation, so I didn’t get a chance to post this then. Fortunately(?), the schools give the kids the entire week off. Yup. Monday through Friday. No school.

For some people, that might be awesome. Their kids might be thrilled by not having to go to school. And that’s great for them.

But it’s not so great for Simon.

Simon loves school. Anytime there’s a day off, he gets upset. He wants to go. He gets frustrated with staying home, but he also gets upset if we try to work on any school work at home.

This week was no different than any other vacation. By day two, he was asking to go to ESY. (ESY is extended school year, something he qualifies for over the summer. It’s a shortened day/shortened week for a few weeks to help keep him from regressing…and as you might guess, he loves it, too.)

It was going to be a week long war.

So I didn’t bother fighting. There was no need to wade into battle. I decided that I would just work towards the end of the war.

When he said he would go to ESY, I agreed, but told him that it was in summer. I asked if it was the summer. He said no. He knew it was Thanksgiving vacation, so we talked about how ESY was during summer vacation. I think we talked about that a few dozen times a day.

We tried to go someplace fun every day. For Simon, Target qualifies as fun. HEB qualifies as fun. The Dollar Tree qualifies as fun. Basically, if it’s not home, it’s fun.

One day we went down to the island to have lunch with a friend, and then we went to the rainforest and aquarium exhibits. Beyond fun. He had a great time. Then we stopped by a Target…and that was it. We weren’t allowed to leave Target. The only way we got out was when I promised we could go to other stores. We had to hit up a Dollar Tree on the way home, where he picked out a squishy toy to play with.

We survived because I did the easy thing – I didn’t make it a battle. Because why create battles when you don’t need them?

Now Christmas break is coming up in a few weeks, and guess what? It’s not a battle, either. It’s an all-out three week war. Here’s to hoping we all make it.