Simon reading a bookI have something shocking to tell you.

Some of you may not believe it at first. In fact, some of you may never believe it.

And that’s cool.

I’m not talking about the loch ness monster, the moon landing, or even Obama’s birth certificate. I’m talking about…

The fact that kids are kids (and, I guess, in my case, teens are teens), regardless of whether or not they have an Autism diagnosis.

Did I shock you?

Are you shaking your head in disbelief?

Okay, so let’s get into the real story.

Simon wound up getting a book for -$.41. Yeah, that’s right – negative forty-one cents.

How did this witchcraft work?

We’re part of this Verizon rewards weird thing that I only know about because once a month or so, they send me this email telling me to use my points, and I don’t know how I get those points or why I’m supposed to use them, but I used them to get a $5 gift card to Barnes & Noble. (Thanks, weird Verizon rewards thing!)

Simon and I were meeting up with someone to get a free printer (thanks, Susie with the kid who took horseback riding with Simon!). We figured the bookstore was a good place to meet because, well, it’s a bookstore. Who doesn’t like going to a bookstore?

Simon likes going to bookstores.

And libraries.

And bookstores.

And libraries.

You get the idea.

He, of course, managed to find a book he liked.

We got to the register, and I pulled up the bar code I have saved on my phone for the gift card.

Confusion ensued.

I didn’t have a pin, which apparently is needed for gift cards now, and I couldn’t even find the Verizon app thingy on my phone to find a pin, and it took five minutes to get a manager to come over to over-ride the pin issue, and by then I found the app, I thought, but what I’d really found was a coupon from Verizon for 15% off a purchase at Barnes & Noble – do they own each other or something? – and the cashier scanned that, and *then* I found the gift card in the app.


The book, with the coupon and then the gift card, was actually less than $5. Forty-one cents less. And since it was under fifty cents, instead of leaving it on the gift card, they gave me cash.

Simon got a book.

I got $.41.

I think we all won.

And Autism had nothing to do with it.