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april 21Yet another study has confirmed that the MMR vaccine does not, in fact, cause autism. This time, there were over 95,000 children involved in the study.

Think about that for a minute. 95,000 children.

The original study, the one that everyone believed so hard, had twelve children. 12. 12. A dozen.

Out of those 12, there were 8 children with behavioral symptoms that they blamed on the vaccine.

That’s the study that got kicked out. The study that was proven to have all sorts of problems. The study that was retracted.

But everyone believed it because it had 12 children.

So, let’s look at this just a bit more. People will believe a study with 12 children, but when you have a huge study – a study that is full of 95,000 children – well, that’s just not believable.



Yeah, that’s what I thought.

(And, for the record, Simon was showing symptoms of autism waaaaay before he had his MMR vaccine, in fact, before he’d barely had any vaccines. He was clearly not neurotypical, even under a year old…)