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april 22Except this blog doesn’t really have anything to do with Earth Day, except for this first paragraph.

Simon was excited about Earth Day. He told me last night that it would be Earth Day tomorrow and that he was going to pick flowers. And apparently he did, as is evidenced in the awesome photo. He brought it home with him, and I’m not sure how/when they did it at school, but he brought it home, and it’s super pretty, I think. I’m framing it up and keeping it because it’s awesome.

That said, beyond that, this blog isn’t about Earth Day.

This is about what happens when things get cancelled at the last minute.

Today is Wednesday – the day that Simon normally goes horseback riding. He got home from school, we bundled him up in the car with a quick snack and some juice, and then we went to Sonic before horseback riding. (He is in a much better mood if he has dinner before he goes riding.)

It’s a long drive out there. About an hour if we’re lucky, an hour and a half if we’re not, and that’s when we’re using the tollway, which cuts down on time but costs extra. But it’s worth it.

Except that today, as we were eating our dinner at Sonic, my cell phone rang. I didn’t answer – it was a local number I didn’t recognize, and I don’t normally answer calls when I don’t know who it is.

Luckily, I checked it before we left Sonic.

It was SIRE, calling to let us know that because of some serious storms in area – storms that were producing hail and 70 mph winds – the lesson tonight would be cancelled.

She suggested we stay home and avoid the weather.

She obviously didn’t realize that we were about five minutes away.

So….how to handle the situation?

Simon is not good with change.

Simon is not good with it when something he wants is suddenly not his anymore.

Simon was really, really looking forward to seeing Kansas.

We went to SIRE. We let him use the bathroom, we showed him that it was starting to rain, and we were going to talk to the people there, but they were off, taking care of the horses. Instead, we explained to him, repeatedly, that the horses would be scared by the storms, and so there wouldn’t be a lesson tonight. We asked him if he wanted the horses to be scared, and he said no.

Then we left.

And he cried. He got upset. He was not a happy camper by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.

I told him it was okay to cry. It was okay to be upset. But he needed to get over it.

We took him “shopping” at some of the big box stores down the road. We wandered around, letting him get something for the drive and also giving ourselves a bit of a break before hitting rush hour traffic on the way home.

And next week, hopefully there will be horseback riding.